ASJ Server is one of the core services provided by our group, and is used by more than 20,000 companies, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises and individual business owners who aim to expand their business by utilizing the Internet.
This is a service that boasts a proven track record.
We offer mobile-compatible e-commerce support service "Shopper" and online reservation and management system "e-Reserve."


Our way of thinking

We believe that the people who work at a company are not just a resource, but an extremely important "asset" for the company's growth.
This idea is also consistent with our corporate philosophy of "discovering customer issues, guiding them to solutions, and supporting further development and the creation of a comfortable working environment."
By working to resolve various social issues through SDGs activities, we will contribute to realizing a future where people can work comfortably and dreams are fulfilled.

Our efforts

Introducing a workflow system to improve efficiency and promote paperlessness SDGs8 SDGs12 SDGs13 SDGs15

By using a cloud-based workflow system developed by our company, we are promoting a paperless environment for ourselves and our customers.
We will continue to be considerate to the environment by converting internal operations such as approvals and circulars from application to approval into DX, and by using recycled paper.

Creating a better society through partnership formation SDGs8 SDGs9 SDGs17

As the market leader in systems for chambers of commerce and industry across the country, we will continue to serve as the foundation for revitalizing regional economies across the country.
As a member of Keidanren and Japan Association of Corporate Executives, we engage in a wide range of activities and create value for our customers and the general public.

Providing opportunities to acquire knowledge SDGs4 SDGs9 SDGs11

In order to respond to technological innovations and changes in business models, we provide various learning opportunities not only in-house but also at high schools and vocational schools to acquire digital skills and AI utilization literacy that are useful in society.
We aim to attach it to.

Providing opportunities to acquire knowledge

Information security efforts to provide safe and secure services SDGs9 SDGs10 SDGs12 SDGs16

We take every possible measure to ensure information security so that you can use our services safely and securely.
We have obtained Privacy Mark certification and ISMS certification, and are thoroughly managing and operating our services based on these certifications.
Additionally, by implementing information security training, we aim to update knowledge and raise awareness regarding information security.

Creating a comfortable and rewarding work environment SDGs5 SDGs8 SDGs10 SDGs16

In order to promote work-life balance, we have introduced a telework system and implemented no-overtime days.
We are also working to improve the promotion of women's empowerment.


Contributing to local community revitalization SDGs6 SDGs17

As part of our environmental conservation and community contribution activities, we carry out cleanup activities around our offices.
In addition, we will coexist with local residents by sponsoring fireworks displays and movies sponsored by the Kawaguchi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and contributing to regional development sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Cleaning activities around the head office

Cleaning activities around the head office

Cleaning activities around the Technology HeadquartersCleaning activities around the Technology Headquarters

Cleaning activities around the Technology Headquarters

Health-conscious company environment SDGs3 SDGs8 SDGs11

In order to maintain and improve health, we are actively implementing measures such as thorough medical examinations, vaccinations, passive smoking, and infectious disease prevention.
In addition, in order to improve not only physical health but also mental health, we will regularly conduct harassment surveys and stress checks.